PhD, MA (Wits);
BA. Hons
(University of Zimbabwe);
Diploma in Philosophy (Chishawasha);

A descendant of the Moyo (heart/soul) and Ndlovu (elephant) clans, he has continued to marvel and draw strength from their combined histories and diversities. He is a writer, author, researcher and thought-leader with keen interest in questions of African resources, democracy and governance. He has so far championed an African discourse on philanthropy...
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writer & author

With several writings, Bhekinkosi Moyo continues to produce original and cutting edge publications in African philanthropy, governance and civil society. Strikingly,an accidental encounter with the word philanthropy many years back has led to a comprehensive focus on their interspaces.
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thought leader

A follower of political and economic developments, Bhekinkosi Moyo has over the years established a deeper interest on governance questions, both economic and political. He has written a lot on this area and continues to make presentations that link development to governance. Watch videos


Over the years, Bhekinkosi Moyo has written articles in newspapers, appeared in various television and radio discussions as well as continues blogging for the Mail and Guardian. He is also a columnist for the African Decisions magazine. Read his blog and column

African philanthropy, pan-Africanism,
and Africa's Development

Reflective and theoretical, this article explores the foundations and principles of African philanthropy and juxtaposes them with pan-African-led development. It pays particular attention to new continental initiatives, such as Agenda 2063. It points out that African philanthropy, by its definition and practice, is the foundation for development. This is because the identity of an African is premised on philanthropic notions of solidarity, interconnectedness, interdependencies, reciprocity, mutuality, and a continuum of relationships. No one embodies these better than Nelson Mandela in his demonstration of the link that exists between pan-Africanism and African philanthropy in the development process.

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